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August 31, 2008

Watch Out For...

Watch Out For...
Tony Moon

After crash landing, Tony Moon was horrified to find a world populated by humanoid billboards, devoid of all original thought, capable only of regurgitating the advertisements transmitted on all detectable and subconscious frequencies by the fascist media moguls hidden in the shadows. As the populous drained their own true wealth building increasingly sophisticated weapons and fighting sadistic wars for the privilege of marketing the devil diamond, Mr. Moon, holed up in a secret bunker, began using his knowledge of the lost language to transmit a pirate frequency. His dense lyrics, previously undecipherable, were designed with one purpose; to overwhelm and short circuit the microchiped population. With little time left before The New Era, Mr. Moon, concealed behind a cloud of smoke to evade the all-seeing-eye, continues to craft and transmit that ancient sound system; the bars to free the minds of the masses.

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