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August 24, 2008

Watch Out For...

Watch Out For...

Armed with streetwise talent andstory telling style, Finess has emerged onto the rap scene, bringing much-needed change to the stagnant state of hip hop. "All sides of a female..." is how Finess describes her lyrics, saying she makes music that both men and women will relate to, and respect. From a very young age, she discovered writing to be the best outlet to express herself. "I like to write about what goes on around me" she says, and growing up on the West Coast, there was always a lot going on. "Finess Is" hit the streets in 2005 with tracks like Perfect and Caramel Sweet, giving us an insight about who Finess Is. In October of 2006, Finess released her first mixtape, "Kiss the Rest Goodbye" which includes certified bangers, such as The Game and B**ch Please. 2007 brought to light Finess' newest project "Raw Romance Vol I". This recent project brings us deeper into the mind of Finess, as she shares her day-to-day experiences. Finess continues to stay active in recording and performing. Keep listening, without a doubt Finess truly is The Icing On The Street!

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Dave Dragon said...

Thanks for the tip, I'm looking for her stuff now.
Ride it like you stole it