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February 27, 2009

India Arie Album Review:Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics

Written By:
The Biz Editor
Tasha A.
Great Album!!
The one and only India Arie is back. She's embraced us with a new and original, upbeat tune that is theraputic and relaxing to the mind. Arie has delivered another hit album that we can not only bop our heads to, but will stimulate thought as well. "There are places in Havanna that remind me of Savannah," says Arie on her touching and well executed song, Ghetto. Arie is out on a mission; to provide us with music worth listening to. With wonderful artist such as Musiq Soulchild, MC Lyte, and Terrell Carter lending their talents to this extraordinary project, you cannot be disappointed. Arie is hoping to be your therapy and knows that her music will brighten up your already beautiful day.

February 19, 2009

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February 18, 2009

Corneille Review

Watch Out For Corneille
Written By The Biz Editor:
Tasha A.
*Really love this artist!
Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls. Watch Out! We have a soulful addition paving way onto the American music scene with his first English album, The Birth of Cornelius. French R&B artist Corneille is ready to help liberate us all by providing us with his upbeat, lyrical, and classical voice. No longer do we need to "cry our nights away." What makes Corneille's music even more appealing are the messages and truths behind his words. Each word that seeps through his lips has a purpose that we can all relate to. So be sure to have room in your Itunes library because Corneille plans on making his way through the lovely ear phones of your Ipod. Nothing will "phase" him. After one listen, you won't be able to get enough.
Visit his official site
Listen to his music!

February 17, 2009

Jennifer Hudson-If This Isn't Love

The Dream Sophomore Album Cover

J Holiday Sophomore Album Cover

Robin Thicke-Dream World

Josh X-an-tus -In Love With 2

Brand New Artist

February 6, 2009

Ryan Leslie Album Review

Written By:
The Biz Editor
Tasha A.
Sweet, soft, and sensual. The best three words to vividly illustrate the self titled R&B debut by Mr. Ryan Leslie. From start to finish, we have a classy and rhythmic album that pretty much everyone can relate to. This is not your typical R&B release. This album soars past excellent. So if you're looking for the average "Shawty lemme tap that" ablum, it is time to try something new and you shouldn't have to wait. This creative and most definitely innovative album has a mixture of sounds that blend significantly well. Ryan Leslie wants to be good to his fans and so far he's doing just that. Leslie's distinguished word choice definitely speaks out to the ladies and he's giving the guys a few tips. "I know you're not my girlfriend, but I swear that I love you," says Leslie in the alluring and sweet hearted song, Valentine. Mr. Leslie speaks to all. He may "not speak your language but he knows just what to say." And this won't be the last your hear of Mr. Leslie either because he promises to never leave you out of the blue.

Album Out:
Tuesday Februarty 10,2009
Ryan Leslie Official Site

February 5, 2009

Ryan Leslie Album Almost Here

Ryan Leslie's Album Drops from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.
I never usually place too many opinions on albums. BUT YOU GUYS HAVE TO GET THIS ONE. Leslie is officially one of my favorite lyricist.. check out Valentine (track #5) and Out of the Blue (track #9).
The Biz

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