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April 10, 2008

Watch Out For...

*This post was actually written by the artist themselves*
Pink Slip Records Presents: 5th Flow (Rahlo, JClay, Supreme), Houston's Crunkest new rap trio...and they are on fire!!! 5th Flow gets the crowd involved in the show with their high energy and impressive showmanship!! Imagine Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Twista, T.I., and Ludacris united on one mixtape, for one cause, or even under one umbrella. Well, there is no longer a need to imagine because Rahlo, JClay, and Supreme deliver a lyrical flurry of that 'Dirty South/Midwest' heat directly to yo mama's front porch. The sound is remarkable! You can hear the 5th Flow/Pink Slip swagger and personality piercing through the speakers.

5th Flow covers all bases from street anthems, like the debut single Quarter to A Half, to Party's in the Hamptons with the "Rich White Kid" single. 5th Flow delivers rhymes filled with passion, lyrical content, and subject matter on a consistent basis. This is music at it's finest.

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