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April 10, 2008

Watch Out For...

Talk Dat Ish Entertainment

Contact: Tionna Smalls

Tel: (347) 707-2590

Fax: (347) 402-6535

Talk Dat Ish Entertainment would like to introduce you to the hottest new rapper coming to the scene, Shah Cypha (know the name). Shah Cypha is an independent artist hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Songs like “Hood Homeboyyy” and “Shut It Down” created quite a buzz in the underground scene in New York, Philadelphia, and Delaware. Now Shah Cypha, born Derrick Bryant has decided that it is time to go hard or go home with his new self-distributed album, “All or Nothing.” Shah Cypha calls his album “All or Nothing” because it’s time now to make it and he is putting everything he has within him to get his career jumping off.

Shah's CD will have a little something on there for everyone, the hustlers, the club heads, and definitely something for the ladies. His current single, “Come With Me Tonight” featuring another independent artist who goes by the name Songlist, will definitely be the ladies’ favorite. The smooth and demanding voice of Shah Cypha makes you feel hopeful that you will find a man who will ride for his lady and show her the finer things in life while Songlist vocals would definitely get you hyped.

This song will be the song you remember for years to come and will definitely help platform his new album which will be on sale on May 6, 2008. Make sure you pre-order your copy now at

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