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February 6, 2009

Ryan Leslie Album Review

Written By:
The Biz Editor
Tasha A.
Sweet, soft, and sensual. The best three words to vividly illustrate the self titled R&B debut by Mr. Ryan Leslie. From start to finish, we have a classy and rhythmic album that pretty much everyone can relate to. This is not your typical R&B release. This album soars past excellent. So if you're looking for the average "Shawty lemme tap that" ablum, it is time to try something new and you shouldn't have to wait. This creative and most definitely innovative album has a mixture of sounds that blend significantly well. Ryan Leslie wants to be good to his fans and so far he's doing just that. Leslie's distinguished word choice definitely speaks out to the ladies and he's giving the guys a few tips. "I know you're not my girlfriend, but I swear that I love you," says Leslie in the alluring and sweet hearted song, Valentine. Mr. Leslie speaks to all. He may "not speak your language but he knows just what to say." And this won't be the last your hear of Mr. Leslie either because he promises to never leave you out of the blue.

Album Out:
Tuesday Februarty 10,2009
Ryan Leslie Official Site

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