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July 18, 2008

Watch Out For...

Watch Out For... Point Blank
Brought To You By Koch Entertainment

They share a common goal and vision which guarantees to take them to the top. Their recordings are a reflection of their experiences of a life growing up in impoverished neighborhoods and government housing. As artists, they all have distinct styles and offer a diversity of sounds, lyrics and deliveries. Point Blank has performed along hip-hop legends such as Rakim, KRS-1, Next, Mobb Deep and Lil' Flip among others. They have peeked national success which has allowed them to conquer stages in various cities across the country ranging
from Toronto, London, Scotia, Windsor and Hamilton to name a few.

Before the music, they group grew up together in Regent Park – North America's largest and oldest government housing project built in the late 1940's. Running as a crew since 1989, Point Blank has been building a legacy of sound and culture that is essential to Regent Park, therefore becoming the voice for all youth endearing a life on the street. They are driven by strong family values considering 3 of the members – Trouble, Kidd and Stump – are brothers, and two other members – Pikihed and RPD are twins. Motivated by the desire to see their families in better living conditions, they thrust forward. In their lyrics, Point Blank speak of racial profiling, growing up in single parent families, poverty, community programs, crooked politicians and police, and other social issues surrounding inner city youth. They do not change or switch their past, but rather appeal to an audience that can understand and relate to the reality of their lives. In the early 90's, Point Blank established Tilt Rock Records, which they currently are signed under.


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